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Why We're Here


Dance is a wonderful way to express creativity. To experience joy. To learn. To celebrate. To thrive.

It is our privilege to teach your child.

And we take that seriously.

Dancers age 3 and up come to us and start on the path to a lifetime of Love of The Dance. Adult students are also welcome, as well as dance professionals.

Dance can also become a part of your child's educational and career path. Many of our dancers go on to dance in college and professionally.

We have been in business for over 25 years! We raise more than just dancers!

Our Approach

We take a classical approach to teaching your child.

At Arts in Motion, your child will learn proper dance technique while experiencing the joy of the challenge, working with friends, learning from caring instructors, expressing themselves to music, and engaging in the Art of the Dance.

We believe it is important to learn responsibility through dance -- to arrive on time, dressed properly, focused on the task.


What we learn in dance translates into what helps us succeed and be happy in life.


Dance Styles

We teach several styles of dance, including

  •  Ballet

  •  Modern/Contemporary

  •  Hip Hop

  •  Theater Dance 

  •  Jazz

  •  Tap


Dancers of all ages can choose from among several days and times to find a class that will meet their needs.

Visit our Enrollment Schedule and Fees page for details.

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